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Chesapeake Commons Home Owners Association

Let's Build Our Community Together

Common Ground 2020

TSI will be our landscaping company and will be providing weekly service on Thursday.

TruGreen has been hired to handle our Fertilizing Applications. They shall be doing three (3) applications and will be overseeing the health and welfare of our turf. They will be applying the first application in early spring.

Landscaping Facts & Information
  • Thursday is our Mowing Day.
  • Fertilization, Turf Pre-Emerge and Bed Pre-Emerge & Fertilizer will be applied throughout the summer as scheduled by TruGreen.
  • No Mulch this year. Residents are welcome to put down their own Mulch in their beds. We recommend a rich, dark brown or black mulch.
  • We are putting up gutter extensions where needed.
  • We have been installing Gutter Guards over gutters in areas where large trees keep clogging up the gutters all the time.
  • Gutter Cleaning is ongoing. We hired RWB Construction Inc. to clean all Gutters in November / December 2020 after all the leaves had fallen. At that time we will have a Roof Inspection done of the entire property.
  • Rain and Leaves create blockages in the gutters as we have hundreds of trees that we are trying to stay on top of. It is a never ending job for our Maintenance Crew.
  • We have a 50/50 Tree Replacement Program where if a resident decides to split the cost of the new Tree, the Association will put it in right away. Normally we plant trees based on "first down, first planted." Cost of a Tree is around $250.00 - $300.00 to the unit owner and this includes the labor to plant it.
  • Please remember to water your new trees at least 3 times a week, putting the hose directly on the trunk and letting the water flow slowly for about 15-20 minutes. You want to get the roots fed while not getting the whole area all wet so the tree won't shift or tilt.
  • Sod....please water new sod or grass seed as well. What kills new trees, sod and grass seed the most? NOT ENOUGH WATER. Watering is crucial for New Trees, Scrubs and Grass. Unfortunately we do not have the manpower to water your trees, bushes and grass ourselves so we count on our residents to kindly take on this task. People worry about wasting water or rates going up but a shower will use far more water than using a sprinkler on your lawn or giving a tree a nice, long drink. Pennies a gallon is all it costs. $.06 to be exact....that is half a penny per gallon. Call the City of Geneva and see for yourself.
  • Skyline Tree Service has taken down and pruned a hundred or so trees. They did a remarkable job. Chesapeake has so many trees and many needed to be pruned. This thinning out of the trees should also help allow sunlight to get to the grass.
  • CCHA is in high gear now that spring is here!


  • Lawns are mowed on a weekly basis unless it is not warranted due to dry weather. Please pick up Toys, Bikes, Newspapers and Dog Waste off the grass in preparation for mowing to help the workers out.
  • All Garden/Outdoor Lights must be moved in 12" from Edge so mowers don't hit them. The landscapers nor the Association are responsible for Solar Lights broken by mowers.  


  • Front Doors, Garage Doors, Kick Plates and Wood Trim will all be painted as needed.
  • Wood will be replaced with "Maintenance Free" Vinyl on those units showing any damage.


All 12 Courts have been resurfaced / asphalted over a 6 year project with Charleston as our last court done in 2018! Now we will maintain the driveways with regular seal coating and crack repair as needed. Maintenance is key for keeping up the life of these asphalt courts.

  • Please place garbage cans & re-cycle bins on Asphalt - not on the grass.


  • Ongoing scraping and painting of the railings is done each year. So far we have repaired, replaced or painted lots of Railings. Thanks for your patience to all our wonderful residents as I know many of you have been waiting for a long time to get a railing.

Please Contact the office with any questions or concerns regarding Lawn Care. We do aim to please. THANK YOU!